Applied Research.

Applied Research at Georgian Partners.

The Georgian Impact team's research projects help to solve our portfolio companies' most critical business challenges. They eliminate barriers to technological and scientific innovation within the portfolio by identifying research trends years before they become mainstream that have broad application within the portfolio for lasting differentiation. Current areas of applied research include differential privacy, transfer learning, reinforcement learning and automatic machine learning frameworks.


Limitations and Biases in Facial Landmark Detection -- An Empirical Study on Older Adults with Dementia

This paper will be presented at the Face and Gesture Analytics for Health Informatics workshop at CVPR 2019.

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A Hybrid Instance-based Transfer Learning Method

Presented at Machine Learning for Health
Workshop (ML4H) at NeurIPS 2018.

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Boosting Model Performance through Differentially Private Model Aggregation

Presented at the 13th Women in Machine Learning Workshop (WiML 2018) colocated with NeurIPS.

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