Azin Asgarian

Senior Applied Research Scientist


Azin is a Senior Applied Research Scientist on our Impact Team, working on transfer learning and domain adaptation projects with our portfolio companies. She studies the potential approaches our portfolio companies can use to aggregate customer data and machine learning models to improve model performance and solve cold-start problems. She also helps our companies implement and apply the potential solutions to their specific use cases.


Prior to joining Georgian Partners, Azin was a Research Assistant at University of Toronto, where she worked on several projects such as transfer learning, facial expression recognition and semantic segmentation. Due to her interest in the application of machine learning and computer vision in healthcare, she also worked as Research Assistant at University Health Network, where she used deep learning methods to develop a vision-based pain detection system.


Azin holds a Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Tehran.

Did you know?

Azin loves sports, especially table tennis, snowboarding, volleyball and swimming. When she’s not busy with sports, she enjoys painting, traveling and exploring new things.

Contact Azin

(416) 868-9696

Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Transfer Learning



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